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Build an online presence for your business.

Creating a presence on Facebook apps is the first step to raising awareness for your client’s business, running ads and helping them reach their business goals.

How to Create an Online Presence

Set up your client’s business accounts.

Each Facebook platform offers unique opportunities to connect with people who will love your client’s business. Whether you want to build community or build brand identity, creating a business account on Facebook apps is free and easy.

Make a content plan.

Sharing consistently keeps your community updated and engaged. Think about what, when and where you’ll share content, and always keep your client’s marketing goals in mind.

Create an online shop.

Create an online storefront for your client’s business and help them sell more products online. Shoppers can discover, browse and buy your client’s products without ever leaving Facebook or Instagram. Or, if you prefer, you can send them to your client’s website to checkout.

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