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Build Brand Awareness

Most of our buying decisions start with getting aware of a product or solution that we have seen somewhere, whether that is by seeing an ad on Facebook or searching brands need a clear strategy to get seen when they are most likely to get their potential buyer to take action on their site.

Boosting awareness for your business helps people discover what they have to offer and think of their brand when it’s time to buy. We use the following Facebook/Meta tools to get started. Grow awareness for your business with ad campaigns.

The brand awareness objective helps your ads reach people who are most likely to remember them, and success is measured by the estimated ad recall lift (people) metric. You can use this objective with any ad format across Facebook and Instagram, as well as video ads on Audience Network.

We recommend running your ads for at least 7 days to find the right audience for your business. We measure results with Estimated Ad Recall Lift, or the estimated percentage of people who remember your ad.

The automatic placement gives Meta the widest range of possible places to serve your ad, and serves them based on where they’ll perform best, whether that’s on Facebook, Instagram or an Audience Network.

For your first brand awareness campaign, we recommend including your logo or company name, having a single, clear focal point for your ad, and clearly stating the benefit of your product or service.

You'll stay top of mind when you use Meta tools to get the word out.

With posts, you can introduce your business to your followers.

You can spread the word about your business with posts and stories. Communicate with your audience and establish relationships using these free tools.

Tips to create posts: 1) Vary your posts to keep followers engaged.

Once you start posting, it’s important to mix up your content to keep followers interested. Try creating posts that educate, entertain, or get your followers talking about your business

2) Post regularly to stay top of mind with your followers.

Posting frequently helps keep your business relevant. When you post at least once a week, your audience can see that you are committed to your Page, your business and your customers.

3) Create a content plan for your business.

Planning your posts ahead of time helps you stay on a regular posting schedule and helps you prepare in advance to put out quality posts.

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