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Making Creative Impact on Facebook Platforms With Text, Timing, and Format

Savvy strategy, captivating artistry, and compelling messaging lie at the heart of advertising effectiveness, and creative execution can help to achieve even greater campaign success.

Through testing and analysis, Facebook’s Creative Research team investigated which creative approaches tend to be successful on Facebook’s platforms in engaging audiences and sparking action.

In this video series from Facebook IQ, we explore how seemingly small considerations—such as the phrasing of a title or the aspect ratio of a video—can have a big impact, driving increased engagement and stronger business results.

This is especially true in today’s complex landscape, as advertisers seek to tailor their approaches to connect with consumers across a wide range of platforms and formats.

Explore our learnings in three areas: text, timing, and format. Specifically, we provide actionable guidance on topics such as whether to display video captions and overlays, when to incorporate branding and messaging and how to structure mixed-format assets.

These insights can shed some light on common advertising questions like how to increase view duration or how to receive higher ad recall.

While these approaches tend to work broadly, we encourage advertisers to experiment and refine in order to find the optimal creative strategy for each specific situation. Watch to see text, timing, and layout considerations for developing cross-platform creative.

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