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What are Connected Brands?

Connected Brands grow by connecting with people in different ways based on what matters most to them.

There are three multipliers on the Meta platform that build Connected Brands:

  • Connected voices: use the multiplier of other powerful voices—content creators across Meta technologies.

  • Connected experiences: use the expansion of touchpoints available (from Live ads to AR to Polling ads to In-Stream) to connect with your audience in different ways.

  • Connected discovery: use a shoppable layer to make purchase easy when in a discovery mindset

How effective are connected campaigns vs non-connected campaigns?

The research was done in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

CONNECTED VOICES campaigns were +123% more effective at driving awareness

+112% more effective at driving association

+67% more effective at driving motivation and consideration


+36% more effective at driving association


+51% more effective at driving association

+139% more effective at driving consideration and motivation

Connected Brands enable new forms of creative expression

Designed for people

Meta technologies represent the future of connection — among individual people, across communities, and between brands and people.

Connected Brands are deeply connected to culture and deliver creative ideas that are centred on people’s behaviours and motivations both on and off platform.

Idea first

In the most impactful campaigns from Connected Brands, both the creative idea and the executional craft come together to deliver a experience that is intentional, engaging, and valuable.

Enable the community to participate

Connected Brands design ecosystems and ideas that encourage the community to take part.

People find value when they feel a sense of belonging – when something clearly benefits them and connects them to something bigger than themselves.

Enable best practice by thinking beyond formats

By creating ideas that are digitally native, Connected Brands deliver ideas that can exist across any format

We define “craft” as inclusive of all the levers we have available to build an experience, across user interface and user experience: art direction and design, copywriting, and user journey

How can you get started?

Be clear on the brand outcome you need to drive to identify the appropriate connected element(s) to consider

Identify key success metrics and develop measurement framework; experiment to find the best creative execution for your campaign

Bring creative and media best practice and the multiplier of Connected Brands together

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